Allow 4-8 weeks for production

You will receive an email when we start your order.

The 4-8 weeks will begin from the time the email is sent out.

You have up until we send out the email to request a refund.

If you decide against the shoes after the email has been sent out, you are responsible for the remaining balance or you lose your deposit.

Each shoe takes time to be constructed in a safe and beautiful way.
We import the shoe platform and then we
proceed to 3D print the platform/attachments & stone the shoe.
There are adhesives that require a minimum time to cure and after
we inspect the adhesive/hard plastic to make sure it is safe to continue.
The stoning takes the longest.
We are a small team here at SYREN LABS and want to deliver every product in the best way we can.
Therefore we will not be rushing the production of the shoe.
Please email SYRENLABS@GMAIL.COM if you have a set date for something and
we will see if there is anything we can do.

Not all orders are taking 8 weeks but in some cases they will.





SYREN NO.2 - $335.00